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Application Number 0000801644
Author Cullen, Gary , United Kingdom
Coauthors McLaughlin, Kevin , United Kingdom
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Work title: Visit Palestine (0000801644)

War is a very extreme context which appears throughout the history of humanity, it is a context which is rarely to the benefit of the people, it creates an environment of fear, rationing and political tensions; the main issues with this kind of context involve the fundamental resources which are necessary in the basic survival of a human being, these include food and water and energy. When the context is twisted from a war to long term military occupation, the temporal dimension of war disappears and a permanent coping mechanism is required; a response to the living conditions created by this form of aggression.

With the expansion of the great empires and the colonisation of nations and states by the developed world this trend of occupation grew, with the acculturation of ‘barbarian nations’ (bringing a new language and a single religion) and the general expansion of an empire the legalities of borderline expansion became a grey area. This coupled with the advance in technologies and laws allows the expansion of borders and border controls, to international territory; and as paranoid tensions grip the western world there is a continuous creation of new barriers and lines creating isolated, almost forgotten, states and a new kind of frontier barrier.

This Project looks at the context of military occupation, in particular the building of walls as a strategic colonisation of integral resources and land. In the context of the occupied territories of Palestine, the Israeli military government has been building on a large scale a segregation wall in response to terrorist actions; however the strategic location of these walls creates a variety of problematic living conditions for the subjugated side. From a collection of film and stories we have collated a series of problems to respond to.

Over time we will work on the removal of the wall through architectural intervention and the integration of both populations together in harmony, this shall be achieved through the creation of a neutral meeting zone where the wall previously stood. The phasing out of the wall will allow for the extension of an existing tourist walk (Abraham’s Trail) and should allow for the trail to return to its original route, instead of the detour around Jerusalem.