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Application Number 0000801639
Author Cimini, Andrea Jasci, Switzerland
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Work title: West Bank City (0000801639)

One day people will be able to move freely, in respect the cultures and religions; and lands between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean will be an common place for peace. That day will born West Bank city ...the dream is to reverse the process. The West Bank wall is a monument that symbolizes tragic war and division. Israelis and Palestinians, two peoples who fight under the same sun. Working on this physical edge but thinking of a wider intellectual horizon. The utopia is to design thinking about the future, a better future. The project transforms the wall like a spine . A spine for start with the new city. The infrastructure is a main subway line that connects all nodes in this linear urban constellation. Hebron, Jerusalem,Atil are link of this system. West Bank city is cosmopolitan, belowground and multi religious. All the development is belowground because it allows to significantly reduce energy consumption. In fact, only 30 m depth the temperature remains stable and comfortable. Furthermore, the continuous emergence of settlements is undermining indelibly scars in the millennial landscape of the Jordan. The project aims to demonstrate that you can make a huge metropolis having respect for the environment and the ecosystem. Under the existing wall scroll trains and information that will connect residential areas, factories, stadiums and universities. Delete the sign of the wall means erase the memory. West Bank city turns this sign into a monument for peace A utopian city is telling that there is still hope, because design is believe in the future.