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Application Number 0000801627
Author Maéva, WIECZOREK , France
Coauthors Antoine, BEGEL , France
Julien-Pierre, NORMAND , France
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Work title: "the Uncanny" (0000801627)

China and more particularly the city of Beijing represents our border zone in conflict. The Hukou system, such as it is practiced in China today is "the hot spot" from which we propose alternatives by the architectural intervention. Hukou is a Chinese official document which indicates the family of every individual and its place of birth, by distinguishing rural residents and city-dwellers. It is at the origin of a "rural / urban apartheid". The abstract borders drawn by the Hukou are not spatial but they are of spatial origins (rural / urban). Our intervention uses the fiction, an utopian tale which includes 3 key characters: the Foreigner, the Beijinger, the Mingong (migrant worker: rural- to-urban) Each of these characters is the representative of a defined spatial origin: another country for the Foreigner, the territory of Beijing for the Chinese city-dweller and the countryside for the Mingong. Our story includes the Foreigner, a character filled with images of China, informed about the situation of Mingong, but also that of the expatriates. While he arrives to Beijing and while he thinks finding what he had remembered, he discovers another city, with incoherence, dysfunctions. The Foreigner witnesses a transformation of the city. He detects the confrontation of the architectural typologies in relation to the various populations of Beijing. Here, Beijing is the city which welcomes and makes live together the expatriates, the Beijinger, the Mingong. The architectural typologies, translation, in spatial and architectural representation of the characters, are confronted and put in connection in a single space and a single time. In this new space, an architectural citizenship is allowed, 3 characters confront in everyday life. Beijing as a host country.