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Application Number 0000801625
Author sylvain, duparc , France
Coauthors grégoire, morabito , France
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Work title: Geopolitical borders fiction : an utopic archipelago world (0000801625)

The territorial borders of the world are the historical result of many criteria and are materialised in a variety of different ways. Today’s passion for constructing walls displays ambivalence, simultaneously playing on the closing and opening, between a growing virtual authority and solid physical walls. Walls are meant to fall, as everyone knows. This project is inspired by the concept of shores as the ultimate border enunciated by Paul Virilio. It is a natural border that in essence imposes a physical limit onto the body and embeds this limit onto the horizon. Its materiality arises out of a consequence of the geological history of the planet and its tectonic construction. Its temporality – purely contemporary – is based in the instant: that is to say the primacy of real time over real space and in this way an abolition of distance. The coastal borders initiate links rather than creating places. Like a world with artificial borders - which are only political and outmoded - where a tectonic and utopic act, transcending geology, produces liquid borders instead of a solid mass. We can dream of a machine that ‘fabricates’ shores, like a systematic production of a horizon as the ultimate focal point of physical spheres (lithosphere – atmosphere – hydrosphere). The World Cutter and its company embody this utopia: the ‘insularisation’ of a world where different spheres melt into the same image, a kind of surface projection where the coastlines follow the thresholds of territories. The shore’s blue line – the ultimate link that is implicated by the infinity of its horizon - is thus to be transformed on a worldwide scale: a floating island on the world sphere, a country cut around its surface. The connection between different nation-islands from one shore to another is then turned into movement and mobility. The ‘ocean border’ invents itself as a potential link and makes its continuity paradoxically sure through a mechanical ‘breaking up’ of continents. An ocean of islands on the world sphere becomes the utopic placenta of a brewing universe.