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Application Number 0000801533
Author Brace, Benjamin , United Kingdom
Coauthors Lonardi, Julio Marco, Italy
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Work title: Melting Po[in]t (0000801533)

A border, an edge, a frontier, a perimeter, a boundary, designates the limit of a given piece of land. ‘Geopolitical borders’ are human artifacts claiming ownership and control over that land and marking the place where adjacent jurisdictions meet. The combined conjunction and separation of national laws and border control creates a zone in which the movement of people and goods are greatly regulated, examined, discussed and hidden. Borders, edges and barriers originate melting pots. Like dams they channel, influence and control bodies movements and energy flowing; they also scar and shape the landscape by placing and becoming indelible marks into the fabric of space. Borders are characterized par excellence by strong ambiguity because they identify a certain degree contact (a meeting point) between two or more elements and, at the same time, they represent an open statement of taking distances from neighboring entities. These interfaces are lands for opportunity as well as stages for desperation and drama. Melting pots are spaces for accumulation. What was once fluid (bodies of movement and flowing energies) comes to be captured and controlled within melting pots, and it suddenly moves from a ‘liquid state’ to a more ‘solid state’. Concept path MELTING POT | meeting point – mixture of culture and identities – tension – conflict – borderlands. MELTING PO[N]T (from French ‘pont’=bridge, link) | communication – contact – exchange. MELTING PO[IN]T | a whole – harmony – flowing.