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Application Number 0000901796
Author D''Orsi, Mara , Italy
Coauthors Raka, Eva , Albania
Speziale, Federica , Italy
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Work title: Metamorphosis (0000901796)

Our work descriptions starts with an apocalyptic scene where the man loses the dominion of the world becoming enslaved of if same and he so gives origin to a process of irreversible transformation that carries to the birth of a new scene that the predator sees to it not but preys of the nature and the new owner of the world: the bugs. As a result of this the two species melts in order to create to a concept of brotherliness, union and hope of a better future that hides the strong action consequence of the man who has carried to a general devastation the entire cosmos. The new vision returns the truth rich of pure actions where the bug-man defeats the evil devouring all the negatives which has created trying to engage itself for a new age to make of own actions that brings beneficial reactions for itself and the entire world. Our evocative image joins two forms, two essences various but aggregated by the same will to realize a new world made than pure technology that ports and does not support injurious consequences for no other species. The idea is born from the present time, than unavoidably it last March sends back us to the last catastrophe happened in Japan, and from Franz Kafka. The Metamorphosis begins with Gregor Samsa''s waking up transformed into a beetle. As the story progresses, Gregor appears to accept this fact fairly readily; he never stops to question how such a transformation could realistically occur. This lack of questioning seems very peculiar. One might expect a person who transformed into a bug over night to inquire about the possibility of such an occurrence. Gregor''s apparent lack of concern over his condition begs a query as to whether any physical change actually occurred. And it is so that the human species ends, changed into bugs that swallowed from the consequence force of our choice to develop it to new forms of co-existence and new relations with the surrounding atmosphere, creating the new technologies and the new architectures in a continuous life-cycle.