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Work title: ENDOSYMBIOSIS (0000901772)

1. Sex is a ritual of assuming roles, acting the impulses, finding the base level (of gene propagation and ‘need new body to ravage’). It’s prurient indecision between finalizing a bodily fluid con-fusion and prolonging a state of bodily confusion...and it has a subtle power to propagate its characteristics outside private space, causing physical change in individuals. A (hair, clothing, life, etc)-style can be a deterritorialization of how a person portrays themselves sexually... _a_change_in_sexual_desire_can_create_a_change_in_lifestyle.__Perversion_is_therefore_the_beginning_of_a_new_opening._ However, something like current bondage practice, is not simply a ritual. Devotion, seritude, and degradation give a deep pleasure to ‘slaves,’ in seeing their body suffering to create pleasure in the master. “The masochist’s suffering is the price he must pay, not to achieve pleasure, but to untie the pseudobond between desire and pleasure as an extrinsic measure.” (G. Deleuze and F. Guattari, How Do You Make Yourself a Body Without Organs?). As the biome confronts humans in increasingly explicit ways, perversion is granted more power; ostensibly via a triggered population mutation, that is, an opportunity for adaptation. The perverse increasingly descends into the realm of words that we are used to using in a positive way, “sexy,” “nifty,” “popular,” and no longer “vulgar,” or “disgusting.” Open your eyes anywhere in the world, just a few millimeters underneath our broken ideals of heteronormative globalized life, and evidence pours in. 2. The structure of mitochondria and chloroplasts, among other organelles, is almost identical to that of prokaryotic (independant, basic subcellular) organisms from the oldest fossils in the world, Archean-era stromatolites. In a certain chemo-primoridial disequilibrium, basic organism symbiosis was overridden by Endosymbiosis, and the mitochondria _were_absorbed_into_the_bodies_of_other_cells_as_organelles._ Their DNA was patched into that of their host, and the two became one cell, now sufficient to form more complex multicellular plants and animals. Biome-chaperoned physiological change is thus linked to a chemo-systematic necessity for change...isn’t that what we have now? Conjoining is the next step in perverse human relationships, where devotion and domination seek ever more heightened realities. It will not be unnatural. It will be accepted, erotic, and stylish. Normal metabolism is insufficient for biomorphological experimentation; fetishism is a more universally-compatible vehicle for exchange and the base for all processes. Many different approaches allow for an arbitrary collection of variable methods and parameters to vary, oscillate between, and bind. Each real bodily affect-transformation begins with bondage: two bodies wrapped tightly together, the slave doubled over and contorted, and the master erect. Necrophilic (flesh-eating) bacterial lubricant is added to liquefy the chafing flesh, and both immune systems are plunged into ‘healing’ mode, hyeractivated by hormones and local steroids...all three products are already used widely in engineered agricultural systems such as KFC’s patented chicken-tumor harvesting procedure. The spinal column of the slave opens and becomes connected with the thickening perineal nerve of the master. Henceforth, all bodily sensations and cerebral impulses from the slave are channeled to the brain of the master through his genital nerves. He or she gains control of the slave and enjoys a synaethetic orgasm of signal. As the slave’s body regrows into its bondages, it becomes a sac for the waste products of the hybrid body...yet retains ingrown forms of its sensory and dexterous organs. But the slaves are granted a playtime: at night, when the master’s brain is asleep, the slaves’ weak brain signals are able to gain rudimentary control over the actions of the body. Still within voluntary servitude of their masters, they take the body to pharmland and expel all excrement directly in place, while the master dreams fantasies through the re-wired ocular signals. Their healthy deposit is reimbursed with a day’s worth of groceries. Pharms are the by-production interface with the new byome; the pH is analogous to that of ‘phishing’...a harvest that is unsolicited yet personalized. This is the ultimate anti-Oedipus, physical and mental refusal to fulfill the role of your (fore)father. It’s the teen pleasure of tattoo-piercing-mutilation, plus a resurfacing of teen ‘sexual repression’ becoming ‘sexual = repression.’ It entails a shift in cognitions and measures of bodily success, rather than a compensation by top-down technologies. Blasphemy/fixation: E(nve)loping, and never returning to the point of departure...