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Application Number 0000901764
Author Römer Luna, Miranda E, United States
Coauthors orzi, massimiliano , United States
Ros, Pablo , United States
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Work title: Breath Control Play / Regimes on the Margin of Asphyxia (0000901764)

Coming from the left, the economic and political instability of Colombia has provoked a movement of Guerilla Resistance Regimes that has manifested itself into a migration to the forest. As a means to protect themselves, these nomad regimes inhabit deterritorialized jungle areas adjacent to major cities. The tree is a means of refuge from their oppressive marginalization. The Villavicencio municipality in the department of Meta, Colombia, is a region of intensity towards a climax; a war of the margin. The territory allows for potential of penal colonies due to its fertile abundance of the coca plant that is cultivated and camoflauged in the forest. The illegality of coca and local socio economic conditions provide a mechanism for drug trafficking and cultivation as a driver of deforestation. The armed conflict associated with coca production causes a paranoia to the Narco Regimes, abandoning their crop and promoting further deforestation. Leftist groups are a self contradictory victim, their dependence on coca as a political and economic power violently contributes to the sudden terror/deforestation of their territories. Nature is a dynamic, mutable entity. Like the masoch, the forest is a victim in search of a torture. The Strangler masoch is dependent on the contractual relations {Regime} to reproduce and create temporary refuge. The protocol involves a production of architecture through the resources within the forest; guiding and torturing nature. This system is a machinic construct of the Natural Order, oscillating between life and death; and through time, evolves an emergence of heterotopias.