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Application Number 0000901748
Author Jernigan, Devin Thomas, United States
Coauthors Rice, Ben , United States
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Work title: Justine & Juliette (0000901748)

Justine, the neural network satellite system that refuses all but virtue, relies on the database of all unconscious minds and the molecular knowledge in the world, to provide a synthetic reason for future growth. Juliette, the childish yet sinister robot who works hard in the field, using Justine''s reason to make partial changes to our existing environment and totally new ecologies of proto-bio-matter. The partial changes happen slowly over a person''s lifetime, each daily dream cycle affecting the honor of Juliette, enough to lure her into effecting subtle manipulation to your existing environment (gas lighting for some). On the other hand Juliette collects any and all biological matter to create units of bacteria-infested agar that has two new uses. These blocks give new life to animals that thrive upon plants and a renewable fuel source from the harvested mature byproduct. This new method of energy production and the new environments created provide a fresh look upon the world through somewhat forgotten lenses. Slowly, over time, Juliette and Justine effect in short and long life cycles, yet these machines are never to be seen by the human eye. Juliette relies on Justine for everything, a slave to a system that cannot be undone. For all we know this system might already be in place . . .