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Application Number 0000901738
Author Xanthouli, Eleftheria , United States
Coauthors Elahy, Zahra , United States
Gelagoti, Dimitra , Greece
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Work title: Fahrenheit 122 - A political camouflage in the Sonoran desert / Una política de camuflaje en el desierto de Sonoran (0000901738)

Searching for the impossible shadow where every trace of possible life is extinct I have heard about a host structure in the Sonoran desert that protects the outlaws from the U.S patrols. Is this propaganda for American effectiveness? Or is it just a sheltering mechanism that protects from the atrocities towards the Mexican immigrants? Bodies have been dehydrated for years; bones have been feeding the sandy yellowish soil, just for the fighting to cross the borderline if only undercover. For this impossible goal, the mania for a structural camouflage, a paradoxical and undefined shelter has been formed as a primitive embassy of Mexico, as a monument of struggling in a highly polemic condition. Between the coyotes and the aliens, (the patrols and the refuges) this artificial second skin, sensitive to the environmental heat, engulfs the vulnerable human body following its slothful movements. A tundra like matrix, shape memory alloy reacts to the environmental conditions by unfolding itself towards the sun-path, along the walking frequency of the immigrant crowds. Every morning, every repetition of daytime is an awakening from spring condition to straight line that deforms and elevates the metallic sprawl. But the camouflage is not yet well provided. The assemblage of wires creates an airy and on the same time spiky shelter like artificial dunes that alone defend but not hide. Therefore during the daytime of the wireframe carpet elevation of a new insect population that inhabits the area and lives parasitically on the wires sucks an adhesive substance from the cactuses around which later is sprayed creating a tissue like membrane of protection and camouflage. When the night returns immigrants hide in the dark, sleeping upon the metallic beds, remnants of a shelter degraded by the humidity of the controversial desert night. It is only for few hours, until the light comes and the daily repetition of life and death will again create a survival mechanism.